When I moved from my very comfortable and liberal workplace in North Carolina to teach in Texas, I wasn’t sure what coming out would be like. Here are the steps I took and they could be helpful for others, too. 

I’ll be sharing what it was like after having found a position, but here is an amazing article about finding an LGBTQ+ friendly workplace. 

  1. Ask what protections are in place during your interview. Questions like:  

“What protections do you have for your LGBTQ+ staff?” 

“How do you ensure diversity in your hiring process?”

“How do you promote diversity, inclusion, and equity?”

These allow you to know your company’s values as well as the company learning yours as well. 

  1. Bring up your personal information casually. 

I asked my boss, “What’s the vibe like if I hang a pride flag in my classroom, or show a photo of me and my wife?” 

In this simple question, I outed myself and shared about my partner. I can imagine other iterations of this question in different workplaces such as:

“Can I bring my partner to the happy hour?” 

“I’m passionate about companies supporting Pride month. What do we do here? Could I help?” 

  1. Remember, you are at work and both parties should be professional. 

I wouldn’t share my entire coming out story on day 1, but I would mention my partner. 

And if they have a negative reaction, take it to HR immediately. Set the tone for yourself and other queer employees that you will not be treated differently. 

At work, I think simplicity is the best approach. 

Other tips?
For parents whose child came out 

For authentically showing up for Pride

For Churches wanting to be kinder to LGBTQ+ 

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