Hi, I’m Olivia

I write to encourage those who have come out of the closet to come into hope. My coming-out journey started ten years ago and had profoundly joyful moments, but the hard, heavy ones overshadowed for far too long. I’ve invited healing and grace into the narrative and now there’s no looking back. There is hope behind us, within us, and awaiting us. 

So much of that hope was in the act of seat saving: someone telling me, “Hey, you can sit with me.” In the early days of my coming out, I felt like I lost a seat at my family’s dinner table, on the church pew, and on my friend’s couch. But the moments where someone extended a hand and offered a safe seat, those are the moments I hold on to. Those are the hope.

If you’d like to know more about what Seat Savers believe, here is our manifesto.

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Outside of writing, I love to read on my patio or with one of my similarly ginger-haired cats on my lap. I teach middle school English Language Arts in a school where I can live out my passion of giving opportunities to the underdogs. My same-named wife Olivia (I know – you guys have the same name, no way?!) and I live in Austin, Texas.

Thanks for stopping by! I’ve been saving a seat for you.

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