When I was coming out, I felt like I didn’t have a seat at my family’s dinner table, with my church community, and some of my friends. I wish someone would have said, “C’mon – you can sit here.” I wish more people would have said, “You’re safe and affirmed in this seat.” Seat saving is the image I cling to for allyship.

Haven’t we all walked into a restaurant, scanned the room for our friends, and lit up when you saw their hand wave? Julie’s words are like the hand joyfully waving you in.

“The first time I was tapped to be an ally for the LGBTQ+ community was, uniquely enough, at church. A
transgender child with a terminal health condition asked to be baptized. My church welcomes new
believers into faith and family by inviting a handful of congregants to read scripture during the baptism
service. I was asked to participate in this one. Jesus made it clear in Matthew 18 and 19 how He values
children; the Kingdom belongs to such as these. So, I stood up and I read.

My daddy often told me, “Julie Doll, always keep a sweet spirit about you.” My sweet spirit has taken baby
gifts to a same sex couple. It has purchased art to benefit a program for LGBTQ+ teens. It is not my
nature to be loud, but I do want to be loyal. Some may equate my quiet gestures to silence. I don’t believe
we need a microphone to make a difference.

My daughters never met my daddy. He died before they were born. I carry his legacy as I raise them to
also “keep a sweet sprit” about them. I am teaching them to look for people who are on the fringes of
fellowship, the ones who aren’t sure if or where they fit. I want my daughters to say, “You can sit with me.”
And if they are ever asked, I hope they, too, will stand up and read for anyone who wants to walk with

Julie writes to encourage families to shape a legacy through everyday life and I love that her legacy is gentle but mighty, and not loud, but loyal. I resonate so deeply with that. Check out more of her work here.

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